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FedEx Distribution Center

Hillis-Carnes provided a geotechnical engineering study and inspection services for the FedEx Distribution Center located north of Halfway Boulevard in Hagerstown, Maryland. The project site was comprised of 94.5 acres of former farmland with construction consisting of a 474,000 ± square foot ground package distribution center, a trailer garage, a truck washing building, associated automobile and truck roadway and parking areas, and bio-retention and stormwater management (SWM) areas.

The purpose of this study was to determine the general subsurface conditions at the boring locations and to evaluate those conditions with respect to concept and design of a foundation system, floor slabs, and site work for the proposed construction. A total of 83 Standard Penetration Test (SPT) soil borings were drilled at the site; 42 were drilled within the footprint of the distribution center, 32 were drilled in the roadways and parking areas and nine were drilled in the proposed bio-retention and stormwater management areas. Based on the examination of the boring/soil samples collected, subsurface conditions such as topsoil, man-placed fill materials, natural materials and ground water were determined. Once all geotechnical services were performed and the subsurface conditions were evaluated, our findings indicated that the site could be developed for the proposed structures utilizing spread footing foundation support. Hillis-Carnes then provided the client with appropriate recommendations for general site preparation, fill selection, placement and compaction, foundations, groundwater and drainage.

Hillis-Carnes provided construction materials testing Services (CMT) during the construction phase of the project. The CMT services included in-field compaction testing for soils, aggregates, and pavement sections; as well as concrete testing for foundations, slabs dolly pads and walls. Additionally, structural steel was also inspected utilizing Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing for various welded connections, as well as inspecting column plumbness, bolt torque and decking inspections.

As of 2013, Hillis-Carnes is also providing geotechnical and CMT services for an expansion of the distribution center. The expansion includes an additional wing of the distribution center and office buildings, and expanded parking areas which incorporate bioretention facilities.

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