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Morgan State University – CBEIS Facility

Hillis-Carnes provided subsurface exploration for the Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies (CBEIS) facility at Morgan State University, located at 5299 Perring Parkway in Baltimore, MD. CBEIS is a 126,000 gsf shared facility for academic engineering and design programs housing 34 classrooms, studios, and computer labs, 100 offices, 10 Group Study Rooms, as well as Conference Rooms, Jury Rooms, Fabrication Shop, Atrium spaces with skylights, Lounges, Green Roof, Loading/Service and a parking garage.

Hillis-Carnes provided both an infiltration study and a porous sidewalk soils study. The purpose of these two studies was to determine the feasibility of using infiltration methods of stormwater management for the constructed porous concrete walkway and to evaluate the subsurface soil conditions. To determine these conditions, five hand-auger probes were performed and extended to a depth of 6 ft. below existing site grades. In-situ infiltration testing was performed at a depth of 2 ft. below existing site grades at locations offset from each of the hand-auger probe locations. Based on the subsurface exploration, the site was covered by a surficial topsoil layer measuring approximately 6 inches thick at the hand-auger probe locations; however the topsoil thickness was expected to vary across the site.

Laboratory testing was performed on one of the recovered soil samples in the hand-auger probes. The sample was tested for moisture percentage, particle size analyses and Atterberg limits to determine the soil classification. When an infiltration rate of 0.52 inches per hour is obtained, infiltration basins/trenches are not acceptable practices and require underdrains. Based on the results of our study, infiltration methods of stormwater management appeared to be marginally feasible at HA-1, HA-3 and HA-4, but not feasible at HA-2 and HA-5.

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