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Ownership And Accountability: Working At Hillis-Carnes

As an employee-owned company, each of us is stakeholder in every project we touch. This builds an environment of entrepreneurship and personal accountability, while it also encourages us to support one another and work as a team. Much of our staff has been with Hillis-Carnes for decades, and we know we can rely on each other’s strengths and collaborate seamlessly.

Some of us say that we’re a large firm that doesn’t feel like a large firm. Our projects are complex and intense, but as individuals we’re relaxed and approachable. Your peers are your greatest resource — whether they are recent graduates bringing a fresh approach to the work we do or they are a long-time team member providing guidance that only hands-on experience can bring.

What you do matters, and we’ll reward you for it. Click here for our full list of benefits.