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Hillis-Carnes Appoints 10 New Vice Presidents

Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates, Inc. (HCEA) is pleased to announce the appointment of 10 new Vice Presidents. Michael Hillis, Jerry Johnson, Grant Autry, P.E., PLS, LEED AP, Christopher Lesjak, and Cindy Shepeck were all appointed Vice Presidents with the firm, and Rajesh Goel, P.E., Michael Johnson, P.E., Gina Galimberti, REM, David Patron, P.E., and Khaldoun El-Jallad were appointed Assistant Vice Presidents. “These appointments reflect the long-term contributions that these firm leaders have made to the success of Hillis-Carnes,” said President Bill Carnes, P.E., “and our new Vice Presidents program is set up to reward other firm managers with appointments as they grow their divisions and responsibilities. As an entire group, our managers are well positioned in the industry to lead the company in the decades to come.” This group of Vice Presidents have joined the program along with current Senior Vice Presidents, CFO Robert Skepton and COO Timothy Hill, P.E.