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Hillis-Carnes Launches New Safety Awards Program

Safety Awards Program.

For over 30 years, Hillis-Carnes has been committed to promoting safety in the AEC industry and workplace. Our company believes that safety is a value, a belief, and a commitment that unites us across individual teams, companies, and the entire industry. Working safely extends beyond just wearing the proper PPE gear; it’s about making safe choices and knowing that the choices you make every day not only have an impact on you, but have an impact on those working around you, as well as your loved ones waiting for you at home.

To continue promoting a culture of safe driving and workplace practices, Hillis-Carnes’ Safety Director, Walker Chapman, has recently launched our new Safety Awards Program. This initiative is designed to encourage constant development of safety skills, while heightening safety awareness by acknowledging and rewarding the outstanding efforts of our dedicated employees who demonstrate special diligence in maintaining a safe work environment. By recognizing their efforts, we hope to inspire others to prioritize safety, resulting in reduced accidents, injuries, and a more secure workplace.

The Hillis-Carnes Safety Awards will be distributed annually to individuals and teams who go above and beyond in maintaining safe driving habits, demonstrate exceptional safety practices, contribute innovative ideas, and actively participate in creating a culture of safety excellence.


We believe that our employees’ commitment and dedication to safety is a cornerstone of our success, and this program aims to shine a spotlight on their vital contributions and celebrate these achievements.