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Hillis-Carnes is providing Geotechnical Engineering Services for the renovations to Blackwell Hall at Salisbury University

Hillis-Carnes is working with Carroll Engineering, Incorporated, to provide Geotechnical Engineering Services for Salisbury University’s renovations to the existing 67,300 SF structure, plus a two-story, 6,000 SF addition to Blackwell Hall.

In addition, the proposed development also includes stormwater management facilities, the realignment of an access drive lane to a waste disposal area, and the removal of some existing parking spaces to create an open-air plaza at the front of the building.  The renovation will allow Salisbury University to consolidate student services in a single central location on campus.  The plans for the future of the building include further renovation and expansion of the space.  Student counseling services will be moved into Blackwell Hall, along with the Cashier’s Office, Office of Financial Aid, Parking Services, Career Services, and other departments.

Hillis-Carnes’ skilled and experienced team, working under the supervision of Branch Manager Vernon Opdyke, CWI ASNT II, is currently performing Geotechnical Engineering Services for this much-needed renovation.  Alycen Kus is providing project management, Robert Hackman is serving as the Senior Engineer, Delaney Midash is providing Laboratory Services, and William Holden, John Martin, Christian Vega, Sarah Mazella, and James Klaverweiden are providing field services.  The services provided by Hillis-Carnes will involve exploring the site of work, the performance of laboratory tests, engineering analyses, and the preparation of a geotechnical report.  In order to accomplish these objectives, Hillis-Carnes is utilizing CPT soundings for this project, as the CPT method generally provides more detailed information related to the subsurface conditions for settlement analyses, bearing capacity evaluations, and pile designs.  Hillis-Carnes recommendations include four Cone Penetration Test (CPT) soundings, four Test Pits, three Stormwater Management (SWM) borings, three Infiltration Tests adjacent to the SWM borings, and three Standard SPT Pavement Borings.

Renovations are slated to begin in the summer of 2024, with the new Blackwell Hall expected to open in the fall of 2026.