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Project Raven at Tradepoint Atlantic

Hillis-Carnes was contracted by Tradepoint Atlantic to provide Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Consulting, and Construction Materials Testing (CMT) and Inspection services for constructing a 1.8 million SF Industrial Warehouse Distribution Center, known as, “Project Raven.” Tradepoint Atlantic is a 3,100-acre logistics and maritime development located on the Chesapeake Bay in southeastern Baltimore County, Maryland. Project Raven (also known as TPA Logistic Center XIII) is in the central portions of the Tradepoint Atlantic development in area B: sub-parcel B2-3. McCormick & Company, Inc. will occupy the 1.8 million SF warehouse to help them increase capacity to meet the growing demand for their products in America.

A skilled and experienced crew, working under the supervision of Christopher Hillis, PE, and Michael Johnson, PE, provided Geotechnical Engineering Services for this project. The services provided by Hillis-Carnes involved exploring the site of work, performing laboratory tests, engineering analyses, and preparing a geotechnical report. To determine the general foundation soil types and to develop geotechnical design parameters for the proposed site improvements, 31 Standard Penetration Test (SPT) soil borings, 14 Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) Soundings, and one (1) Dilatometer Test (DMT) sounding were performed throughout the project site. After completion of all field exploration and laboratory testing, a geotechnical engineering report was prepared and submitted.

Hillis-Carnes is also providing Environmental Professional Services for this project under the supervision of Senior Environmental Project Manager Keith Progin. The scope of services includes environmental monitoring during excavation, air monitoring during the development phase, work area monitoring, perimeter monitoring, monitoring of dewatering activity, monitoring the environmental cap, and reporting the monitoring results, as applicable, in a daily report.

Tshreya Bhattarai is the Project Manager overseeing the CMT portion of this project, which includes the testing and inspections of mass grading/fill placement, settlement monitoring, utilities, spread footing foundations, cast-in-place concrete, reinforcing steel, floor flatness/levelness, structural steel erection, precast concrete erection, and pavement. Once completed, this warehouse will become the largest distribution site for McCormick worldwide.