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Project Highlight – Veterans Point Flagpole

Hillis-Carnes Provided Geotechnical Engineering for the Veterans Point Flagpole being erected at Wells Cove in Grasonville, Maryland

Hillis-Carnes provided Geotechnical Engineering and Subsurface Exploration for a 50-ft. tall flagpole at the existing Paver Plaza in Grasonville, Maryland. The flagpole’s foundation is typically 60 inches in diameter. Based on the soil conditions encountered at the site, Hillis-Carnes was asked to provide a geotechnical evaluation of the required foundation for the project.

A skilled and experienced crew, under the supervision of Project Manager Vernon Opdyke, Principal Engineer Mike Johnson, PE, and Project Engineer William Harris, PE, were deployed to perform the subsurface investigation for the flagpole.   Bill Holden was the Drilling Manager, John Martin was the Driller, and Christian Vega was the Driller Helper/Logger for this project.

To determine the general soil types at the site, one Standard Penetration Test (SPT) soil boring was drilled to a depth of 50 ft below the existing site grade. The boring was drilled at the center of the proposed flagpole using hollow-stem augers. The subsurface soils were sampled at 2.5 ft and 5.0 ft intervals.  A geotechnical engineering report was prepared and submitted after all field exploration and laboratory testing were completed.

Join us this Memorial Day on Monday, May 27th, at 1 pm for the Inaugural Flag Raising Ceremony at the new Veterans Point at Wells Cove! For more details, read here.