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National Business Park

The National Business Park (NBP) is an approximate 500-acre mixed-use business community. Hillis-Carnes has been involved in a number of NBP buildings, parking decks and roadway and parking lot projects throughout a 20 year period. This particular building project was located at 310 Sentinel Drive in Annapolis Junction, MD, adjacent to many other structures Hillis-Carnes had a hand in. Hillis-Carnes was contracted to provide construction materials testing and inspection services for the construction of this six-story core and shell steel framed office building on spread footings. The building has approximately 190,000 square feet of gross construction area on six levels and is approximately 90 feet high. The scope of our work included the testing and inspections of soils/earthwork (mass grading/fill placement, utilities, and foundation backfill and pavement), cast-in-place concrete (slump, air content, compressive strength, etc.) unit masonry, structural steel framing, architectural precast concrete, steel decking, and sprayed-on fireproofing.

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