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Novus Odenton Station Parking Garage

Hillis-Carnes provided Geotechnical Engineering and Special Inspections and Testing services during the design and construction phases of the six-story parking deck, located at the Novus Odenton Station in Odenton, Maryland. Situated east and west of the parking deck, a series of four-story wood-framed apartment buildings were built during this project.

Hillis-Carnes’ scope of services included value engineering and dilatometer testing (DMT) during the design phase of the project, in support of the parking deck on a shallow foundation system. The design of the parking deck consisted of spread footings supported on the natural soils with limited localized improvements, in place of a more costly, fully modified/improved ground or a deep foundation system. Full-time inspections for soil and concrete work, and periodic inspections thereafter for pre-cast concrete, wood framing and exterior sheathing, masonry, and steel during the construction phase. Critical elements that Hillis-Carnes tested and inspected included: SWM facilities, pavement (asphalt, concrete, and pavers), modular walls, elevated platform concrete, backfill of utility trenches and building walls, structural fills, footings, foundation walls, shear walls, slabs-on-grade, concrete toppings, building frame members, nail patterns for exterior sheathing, structural steel, pre-cast garage welding and connections, precast garage welding and connections. Upon completion of the specified special inspections and testing, Hillis-Carnes submitted a final report of special inspections to the County, owner, and others designated by the owner. Reports indicated the work inspected was completed in accordance with the requirements of the project plans and specifications.

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