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Parakrama (PK) Udugampola, PE

PK supports our Clients with over 19 years of experience in Construction Materials Testing and Inspection services and Geotechnical Engineering. He is currently managing our Chantilly, VA office and his responsibilities include generating proposals, planning, executing, and the management of Engineering and Testing projects. PK has supervised and worked on hundreds projects within the Washington Metropolitan area that include Construction Materials Testing and Inspections of soils, concrete, and asphalt, as well as inspections related to shallow and deep foundations, excavation support systems, and retaining walls. PK’s technical expertise also includes Geotechnical studies involving subsurface exploration, bearing capacity evaluation, infiltration testing, and miscellaneous soils studies to determine the suitability of soils for foundation support. Our Chantilly office is supported by an experienced staff of Professional Engineers, Construction Inspectors, a Lab Supervisor, as well as numerous ACI, NICET, WACEL, and MARTCP certified Engineering Technicians.

PK earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of District of Columbia (UDC), and is working towards his Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering at John Hopkins University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Maryland and Virginia, as well as an AWS Certified Steel and Welding Inspector (CWI).