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At Hillis-Carnes, safety is a top priority. It is imperative that our employees understand the importance of working safely and how it extends beyond just wearing the proper PPE gear. We encourage our employees to remember that the choices they make every day not only have an impact on them, but have an impact on those working around them, as well as their loved ones at home. Our mission is to foster a proactive working environment between supervisors and employees to continuously improve our health and safety performance. Our Safety Program challenges our employee-owners to work together and make the commitment to take every reasonable measure to ensure that safe work conditions and behaviors exist throughout the company. We urge our employees to participate in the workforce safety process by attending safety meetings, training sessions, inspecting all equipment and machinery, providing input, and reporting dangerous conditions immediately.

We enforce top-notch safety.

Our company ‘Days Away Restricted or Transferred Rate (DART) in 2023 was 0.84 – a significant accomplishment. To help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, Hillis-Carnes is constantly analyzing data, measuring trends, and facilitating corrective actions.

“I believe that all injuries can be prevented by combining safe equipment, quality training and education, safe work behaviors/practices, and thorough site safety inspections.”
-Walker Chapman, Corporate Safety Director


We are safe by choice, not by chance!

At Hillis-Carnes, the safety and well-being of our employees is our top priority. We enforce strict safety protocols and provide comprehensive training to ensure that employees can be successful. By fostering a culture of safety, we prioritize the health of our team members, promoting a workplace where everyone can return home in the same condition they arrived to work.

“The success of our business depends on the sincere, constant, and cooperative efforts of all employees. We must work together in promoting safety and take every reasonable measure to ensure that safe work conditions and behaviors exist throughout our company. At Hillis-Carnes, safety is paramount”.
-Walker Chapman, Corporate Safety Director

Safety Initiatives

To better serve our clients and keep our employees safe, Hillis-Carnes has implemented multiple safety initiatives and programs including:

  • Safety Awards Program for those who demonstrate exceptional commitment to Safety Workplace Practices
  • “Caught Doing it Right” – Spot Awards
  • Quarterly Vehicle Inspections
  • Weekly Site-Safety Visits
  • Company Driver’s License Monitoring
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Training
  • Job/Activity specific safety and health plans
  • Monthly Toolbox Talk developed by the Safety Director for all employees
  • Driver training through National Safety Counsel, Defensive Driver Program
  • Ergonomics review of field work to reduce injuries
  • Ongoing health and safety training



As part of our safety commitment, our Hillis-Carnes Safety Committee revised and updated our Health and Safety Manual to include input from our employees, managers, and insurance carrier risk manager, while adding clear and concise language to underscore the purpose of our overall safety plan.

It is the practice of Hillis-Carnes that long and short-term goals be set within our Health and Safety Manual. The goals established are based on our needs to improve safety performance, comply with regulations, and reduce operating expenses associated with accidents and injuries. The Health and Safety Manual was developed to be a “dynamic document” in that it will be regularly evaluated and updated as the company continues to grow.

The following are five key goals of the Hillis-Carnes Health and Safety Manual:
1.)  Successfully implement and maintain a successful safety program.
2.)  Reduce workplace illness and injury.
3.)  Allow employees who work in potentially hazardous areas to receive safety training.
4.)  Ensure the program is being effectively utilized by all branches.
5.)  Establish a central location for Forms, Reports, and Approved Equipment.


For more information on our safety culture, please contact:

J. Walker Chapman, CHST
Corporate Safety Director