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Cherrydale Lake Dam

The Cherrydale Lake Dam is an existing dam for Beaverdam Creek next to Woodbridge Road in Hanover County, Virginia. Hillis-Carnes was hired by the County of Hanover Department of Public Works to provide subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering services. Our work focused on both current stability of the dam and options for improvement as required to improve stability to an acceptable level and deal with any seepage issues if needed. The work was performed in 3 phases: field exploration program, laboratory soil testing, and engineering evaluation analysis. The field exploration program consisted of drilling three borings along the crest of the dam down to about 10 feet into strong natural soils. Soils were sampled continuously to the maximum depth explored using standard penetration test (SPT) methods. To help establish seepage characteristics through the dam we installed piezometers in each borehole and read these piezometers after the water levels in them had stabilized. All soil types were visually classified by a geotechnical engineer and classification tests were performed on recovered soil samples. Once the field exploration and laboratory testing programs were complete, we developed the pertinent soil and groundwater parameters based on the data developed in the field and laboratory programs. A full geotechnical engineering report was prepared and issued to both the Client and Engineer.

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