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North Howard Street Light Rail

  • Cost:  N/A

  • Completed:  2020

  • Location:  Baltimore, MD

  • Services:   Geoscience

Hillis-Carnes provided a Micro-Gravity survey of approximately 1.2 miles of the light rail alignment on North Howard Street between the Camden Street Station and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Baltimore, Maryland. The City of Baltimore sought geophysical services after noticeable sinking occurred at the project sight caused by utility lines, including water and sewer.

After completing a site visit, Hillis-Carnes recommended a Micro-Gravity exploration survey for the project area due to the existing site constraints. Micro-Gravity exploration records the minute differences in gravitational pull and is used to find any significant voids that may be present in the project area. This survey is used to find small voids of 3-5 feet along the light rail tracks right-of-way, using approximately 2200 data points. At the conclusion of the survey, Hillis-Carnes will provide micro-gravity images, approximate size and location of anomalies for the line repairs, and recommendations for additional geotechnical exploration if needed.

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