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MARS Launch Pad 0C

Hillis-Carnes provided Subsurface Exploration and Geotechnical Engineering Services to determine the general subsurface conditions at the boring and sounding locations and to evaluate those conditions with respect to preliminary concept and design of the MARS Launch Complex 2 within the proposed Wallops Island Facility. The construction included a pile supported launch platform, steel framed EGSE/MGSE room, and a pile supported concrete approach ramp. The ramp is 300 feet in length with the steel framed building being 80 feet tall, 40 feet wide, and 100 feet long.

The services provided by Hillis-Carnes involved exploring the site of work, the performance of laboratory tests, engineering analyses, and the preparation of a geotechnical report. In order to gain information as to the properties of the existing native soils, four Cone Penetration Test (CPT) soundings were performed on site within the perimeter of the proposed Launch Pad and structures. After the completion of all field exploration, a geotechnical engineering report was prepared and submitted.

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