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The Edge of Middleton

The Edge at Middleton is a proposed apartment development located in Aberdeen, Maryland. The project consists of the construction of three proposed apartment buildings identified as Apartment Building ‘A’, Apartment Building’ B’, and Apartment Building’ C’, as well as a clubhouse, retention pond, and storm-water management facility. The construction will also include a 300×10 FT retaining wall. The site area is 10.38 acres, and the combined buildings will hold 237-units. The proposed amenities include a dog park, clubhouse, swimming pool, and garage parking with on-site parking spaces.

Hillis-Carnes performed a subsurface exploration to determine the general subsurface conditions at the boring and test pit locations and to evaluate those conditions with respect to the concept and design of the building foundations, slabs-on-grade earthwork activities, pavement design, and storm-water management (SWM) facilities for the proposed construction. Our team drilled 18 standard penetration testing (SPT) borings for Building’ A’, 12 for building ‘B’, and 12 for Building’ C’. The borings were drilled at depths of 15 feet to 25 feet below grade for existing sites, and 29 test pits were performed across the project site. The borings were advanced with hollow-stem augers, and the subsurface soils were sampled. Representative portions of each soil sample from the SPT soil borings and representative portions of material excavated from some of the test pits were transported to HCEA’s laboratory to verify the driller’s and the Geotechnical Aide’s test pit field classifications.

Hillis-Carnes provided an evaluation of the site with respect to potential construction problems and recommendations dealing with the earthwork and inspection during construction. Our findings suggest that the project site can be developed for the proposed development and associated site improvements. Special consideration should be given to the proper monitoring of fill operations, footing excavations, and concrete placement in all structural areas.

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