Lab Testing

Laboratory Testing

Our laboratories are accredited by AASHTO for soils, aggregate and concrete. We are one of the few labs in Maryland recognized by the Landscape Operations Division of the Maryland State Highway Administration. Our laboratory personnel are certified by NICET and ACI.


Soil Tests Include:

Sieve Analysis, Hydrometer Analysis, Atterberg Limits, Classification as per USCS, AASHTO, & USDA, Modified & Standard Proctors, Specific Gravity, Direct Shear, Hydraulic Conductivity (permeability), California Bearing Ratio, Organic Content (loss on ignition), pH, Soluble Salts, Electrical Resistivity, Consolidation, Unconfined Compression Strength, UU Triaxial Shear Test, calcium carbonate

Concrete Tests Include:

Compressive Strength of Concrete, Grout, & Mortar. Split Tensile Strength of Concrete, Flexural Strength of Beams, Preparation & Compressive Strength of Concrete Core Samples, Chloride Permeability, Chloride Ion Content, Length Change of cement mortar and concrete

Aggregate Tests Include:

Gradations, Specific Gravity & Absorption, Organic Impurities, sand equivalent, LA Abrasion, Sulfate Soundness, flat and elongated particles, aggregate angularity

Asphalt Tests Include:

Bulk Specific Gravity of Core Sample and Maximum Theoretical Density. Extraction/Gradation

Concrete Masonry Units Tests Include:

Compressive strength on Masonry units and masonry prisms. Moisture, absorption and density

Cement Tests Include:

Fineness of cement, Time of setting

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    Complete quality control testing and special inspections for soils, site utilities, foundations, structural concrete, structural steel, masonry, and pavements.

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  • Environmental Consulting

    Investigation, testing, monitoring, and remediation services including: due diligence, subsurface investigations, industrial hygiene, hazardous materials, and ecological studies.

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