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Lab Testing

Laboratory Testing

The AASHTO Accreditation Program accredits our laboratories, and our accredited laboratory locations can be found here:

Soil Tests Include:

Sieve Analysis; Hydrometer Analysis; Atterberg Limits; Classification as per USCS, AASHTO, & USDA; Modified & Standard Proctors; Specific Gravity;, Direct Shear; Hydraulic Conductivity (permeability); California Bearing Ratio; Organic Content (loss on ignition); pH; Soluble Salts; Electrical Resistivity; Consolidation; Unconfined Compression Strength; UU Triaxial Shear Test; and Calcium Carbonate.

Concrete Tests Include:

Compressive Strength of Concrete, Grout, and Mortar; Split Tensile Strength of Concrete; Flexural Strength of Beams; Preparation and Compressive Strength of Concrete Core Samples; Chloride Permeability; Chloride Ion Content; and Length Change of Cement Mortar and Concrete.

Aggregate Tests Include:

Gradations; Specific Gravity & Absorption; Organic Impurities; Sand Equivalent; LA Abrasion; Sulfate Soundness; Flat and Elongated Particles; and Aggregate Angularity.

Asphalt Tests Include:

Bulk Specific Gravity of Core Sample and Maximum Theoretical Density; Extraction/Gradation

Concrete Masonry Units Tests Include:

Compressive Strength on Masonry Units and Masonry Prisms; and Moisture, Absorption and Density.

Cement Tests Include:

Fineness of Cement and Time of Setting

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