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Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

Construction Materials Testing & Inspections

Construction Materials Testing And Inspections For Quality Assurance And Compliance

Hillis-Carnes is a full-service engineering firm that performs all types of materials testing and inspection services for the building and construction industries. We do it with certified and experienced field staff and project engineers, including senior engineers with more than 30 years of field experience who are easily accessible for consultation. Our automated report distribution system allows us to turn around data within hours.

Jurisdictions are adopting ‘Special Inspections’ from Chapter 17 of the Building Code and eventually all counties will too. This requires that all field staff are certified and all labs performing testing are accredited. We’re ready for that.

Tim Hill, Chief Operating Officer

Our materials testing and inspections to verify compliance with plans and specifications include earthwork/utilities, reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry, waterproofing, and pavements. Testing of the materials associated with these activities is also performed to verify compliance with design standards for a project. Our field personnel are cross-trained to perform more than one type of inspection, and each is certified by governing agencies to perform the inspections and testing. We also have our own accredited construction material testing labs.

For our owner clients, we ensure that the contractor is doing the work per the specifications and ultimately giving the owner what they are paying for while also satisfying the requirements of local jurisdictional code. For general contractors, we assist them with complying with spec requirements that place third-party inspection services on them. We keep the contractor informed of issues that need to be addressed and then provide both general guidance and specific solutions as needed.

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